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The Story of Dimple`n'Pimple

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Dimple is already aged and he is acting like that too. He thinks he saw and knows it all. Everything Pimple is going through Dimple already went. He has developed a relative steady but slightly narcissistic and crunchy character, with a little hint of pessimism too. He is still trying to accept with what he has become. That is the main reason why he just wants to be left alone. But with Pimple as his closest neighbour that is not on the menu for him. Pimple,is the young fresh and optimistic type, also the more sensitive one. In general, he tries to understand why everybody dislikes his presence. He notices the negativity around his persona which makes him insecure. His character is weak and undeveloped, that is why he has an identity problem. Because of his innocent and optimistic way of thinking he keeps on believing that, if he is able to change, everything will be better. That illusionary state of mind irritates Dimple at its fullest.