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The Tunnels of Woe

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In between the worlds under the heavens lie the tunnels of woe. Passages delved by ancient evil, and twisted abominations with no name or mortal comprehension. Where lost mariners, travelers, and those fallen between the spirit world and the mortal realm are gathered in ever changing labyrinths who’s halls dance in defiance of creation's laws. There in this nether realm of the inbetween sail the men of Veni. They who dare to harness those twisting passages to their will to cleanse the terror, and turn the works to their cause. For the Doge’s bounty only favors the bold. Tirro is an apprentice to such a man as they map routes for the great trading galleys of the guilds and merchant houses. Soon a bounty like none other will be called, and the young apprentice will need to master the tunnels or be just another lost soul in their dark watery paths. For a Veni man always gets his Bounty, and the Doge his due.