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Subterranean Rave Hunt panel 1

Book 1:The Siege of Fort Vagabond

Chapter 4 Part 1: Subterranean Rave Hunt

Two years ago Sheriff Skinner proposed a radical bill to the town hall which would require every able bodied man to conceal carry a firearm in public spaces. This was passed as The Minute Man bill, and right then Bohdan was the happiest man alive as a result. Though not everyone followed the law to the letter, the President could count on pulling up an armed posse in minutes rather than hours no matter where he was in town.

Did a large percentage of the male population already conceal carry before the bill? Yes, but not everyday and not with that stamp of approval. With the bill passed Bohdan could expect on any given day, even when on a difficult construction job underground, sixty to seventy percent of the men being armed and ready to rock. Today was no different.

Bohdan had a posse on him even before Mr. Holdfast came screeching to a stop with questions all over his eyes as he fell into the crowd. The once football coach and his boys rolled up on the tunnel entrance in a safe, but rapid pace. Their joking manner was tempered as they read the mood of the crowd. A text told Bohdan that John and Karl were five minutes out. Whatever this thing was they should have all the artillery they could need, or dared to use in the tight confines of the labyrinth. Ricochets were a thing.

“Fill me in Mr. Duncan,” Bohdan said as he evaluated the sixty or so construction workers and the eight militia types Holdfast had brought to the party. Out of all of them forty or so were armed with at least a side arm. That was more than enough man power for tromping through the tunnels.

Their two main dangers especially with a crew who hadn’t trained together was getting separated, or friendly fire. A real danger for sure, but Blood had been in this position once or twice before. He’d learned a thing or two about monster hunting. 

Even if you were more likely to get shot by trigger happy wannabe rambo number four, or half trained fud five, you still felt better going into the lion’s den with twenty armed men rather than on your lonesome. Nonetheless some prudence was in order. Mr. Duncan was apparently oblivious to Bohdan’s thoughts, and began yammering off on a most irritating tangent.

“Some of the new guys wanted to show off to their families so they asked for a take your kid to work day like we were in some kind of 90s sitcom,” the foreman shook his head sending his thinning curly brown hair into a mess of locks,” I thought it was hilarious, and since everyone’s families on this crew are either already down here on a daily basis, or even petitioning to live over at Civilian Sector Boogaloo I didn’t see the harm.”

Bohdan nodded encouragingly as he dodged around a stalactite, and caught the P50 tossed his way from one of Holdfast’s crew. Blood couldn’t remember his name, but he did remember he was their star wide receiver back in the day. The ex football player had avoided putting on weight and kept himself fit. He also showed confidence with his weapon which warmed the President’s paranoid mind. That man was coming with him just as soon as he learned his name.

“You’re with me, big guy,” Bohdan said to the shaved headed man with shining blue eyes and the most impressive handlebar mustache the President had ever seen. That dude did not have such wondrous facial hair while playing on the football field. The once wunderkind wide receiver grinned wide like the first kid being picked for the dodgeball tournament. Without a word he followed in step behind Bohdan. Without missing a beat the President returned to the unpleasant business at hand.

“Mr. Duncan, where are the rest of the kids? And cut down on all that extra crap. You don’t need to explain yourself to me. We’re here to solve the problem, not tattle on each other to daddy,” Bohdan said in what he hoped sounded like a gentle rebuke rather than a slap in the face for acting like a woman more concerned with her reputation than her toddler hanging over Niagara falls. I’m a good mother normally I promise!

“I’ll tattle on you to your daddy Blood!” came a shout from a very feminine voice ahead and below the trotting posse. Surprised Bohdan jogged forward, and looked down into the airship shaft. A floor or so down was a lookout spot complete with benches, and much cleaner bathrooms than you’d expect. There upon this landing with its railing and magnificent views of the subterranean world was a troop of kids fresh into their early teens surrounding a magnificent specimen of feminine beauty.

Tall, regal, pure blond, with blazing green eyes, and facial features carved out of marble meant for an artistic masterpiece was Bohdan’s fiancé. There Heidi stood with one hip cocked, a solid fist on the protruding curvy hourglass feature, and her conceal carry sawed off pump action shotgun straight in the air with her free hand. She was perfection. She was also splattered with dirt and bat poop while her pretty yellow sundress was now torn and stained with what looked like blood. The young lady had been climbing in those tunnels looking for her lost sheep while the men had gaggled in confusion.

Gosh Bohdan loved her, and wished with every part of his soul she hadn’t taken that risk. But when you got between Heidi and one of her charges she adored so much you’d best hope you were prepared for the gale of feminine fury all her maternal instincts could bring to bear. Not all of it would be verbal abuse either. She was better than half their designated marksman with a .308, and she knew it.

“Heidi! Your Sunday school class isn’t this foreman’s crew,” Bohdan said in bewilderment as he hustled down the stairs with handlebar mustache and Mr. Duncan hot on his heels.

“I’m filling in for Natalie today. Her man actually makes it to their dates on time. Fancy that,” Heidi said. Sweat glistened off her forehead and ran in long streaks down her face ruining her makeup.

“By the way. Well done Mr. Duncan, when I sent you to find help I never expected you to succeed so perfectly. Bohdan was just who I had in mind even though he should be getting cleaned up for dinner tonight. Tisk tisk Mayor Blood’s son,” Heidi put a delicate finger with a damaged muddy fingernail up wagging it in Bohdan’s face as only a woman could.

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Bohdan Blood was a busy young man. Being the President of the AH&L Committee in the middle of World War Three did that, but now rumors of witchcraft and Cartel incursions around his Ozark home were making things downright unhealthy. Together with his wily friends Bohdan and company will dodge drafts, hunt cryptids, and burn witches in style to keep their neck of the woods from looking like a New York hellscape. Just another day for the Adventure, Hunting, and Liquidation Committee.
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