I made my move then. I was in a bad way, sitting on my haunches the way I was. But I had to take the chance. He was already on the verge of letting me have it. So I heaved the knife straight at his head, at the same time scrambling erect. The knife caught him over the eyes, getting him off guard for a minute.

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But quick as I was, he was faster. That damned gun came up again and smacked me, gashing my mouth from the right corner all the way up the cheek. Worse, it stopped me cold. Through a haze of blood and pain I saw the gun come up. Somehow I knew it was aimed at my head; I ducked, though a thought came to me how futile it was. The gun went off in a flash of red and a sound like thunder.

But that shot wasn't meant for me.

I stepped in and hit him. He went back on his heels and I followed fast, my hands clawing for the gun.

I never even saw his foot come up. I only felt it strike me. The whole damned tunnel exploded in a wave of pain as he caught me squarely in the groin. I don't know how many times he hit me from then on. There was a feeling like I was sinking under a warm blanket and everything went dark.

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Something struck me in the side. I groaned and opened my eyes. He was standing over me, that damned gun pointed at my middle. I reached in sudden sickness and he laughed at the sound.

"Get up!" he said.

I got to my feet, weaving like I was drunk.

"Now tie that fuse around your middle," he commanded.

I did as he said.

"Now stick one end into one of those sticks of dynamite."

I understood what he wanted then. He was going to make me blow myself to kingdom come.

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