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Midnight's War

Created by
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Vox Day
In the year 8466 of the Cainite calendar, in the aftermath of a catastrophic global economic crisis, the vampire tribes came out of the shadows for the first time in more than 2,600 years and revealed themselves to an unsuspecting humanity. With near-complete control of the media, the national governments, the global financial system, and most of the major international institutions, most of humanity was helpless to resist the vampiric bid for power. But drawing inspiration from the crusading orders of the Middle Ages, twelve young men joined together in a new military order, The Knights of Saint Michael and of the Catacombs of Rome. Armed with little more than their faith and blood that is poison to their enemies, The Knights of Saint Michael wage a desperate war against the vampire lords of the midnight world.
The Final Cut episode cover
The Final CutEpisode #67
The Hard Way episode cover
The Hard WayEpisode #66
On The Hunt episode cover
On The HuntEpisode #65
Return to Duty episode cover
Return to DutyEpisode #64
Who Do You Serve? episode cover
Who Do You Serve?Episode #63
A Greater Debt episode cover
A Greater DebtEpisode #62
Downtime episode cover
DowntimeEpisode #61
Alert Alert episode cover
Alert AlertEpisode #60
Dead Flesh and Demons episode cover
Dead Flesh and DemonsEpisode #59
The Burden of Outreach episode cover
The Burden of OutreachEpisode #58
Something Significant episode cover
Something SignificantEpisode #57
Blood Bath Blowback episode cover
Blood Bath BlowbackEpisode #56
Catastrophic Entropy episode cover
Catastrophic EntropyEpisode #55
True Blood, Blue Blood episode cover
True Blood, Blue BloodEpisode #54
More Than Illegal episode cover
More Than IllegalEpisode #53
Officer Down episode cover
Officer DownEpisode #52
The Master Awaits episode cover
The Master AwaitsEpisode #51
Contact episode cover
ContactEpisode #50
Mortal Complications episode cover
Mortal ComplicationsEpisode #49
Coffee Run episode cover
Coffee RunEpisode #48
No One Can Hear You Scream episode cover
No One Can Hear You ScreamEpisode #47
Just One Question episode cover
Just One QuestionEpisode #46
The Stench of Vermin episode cover
The Stench of VerminEpisode #45
Long Nights, Longer Days episode cover
Long Nights, Longer DaysEpisode #44
Hunting Your Kind episode cover
Hunting Your KindEpisode #43
Bloodbath episode cover
BloodbathEpisode #42
Night Visitor episode cover
Night VisitorEpisode #41
The Suffering of a Moment episode cover
The Suffering of a MomentEpisode #40
Sleep When You're Dead episode cover
Sleep When You're DeadEpisode #39
Theft and Treachery episode cover
Theft and TreacheryEpisode #38
What Have You Done? episode cover
What Have You Done?Episode #37
The Mystery Box episode cover
The Mystery BoxEpisode #36
A Sufficiency of Evidence episode cover
A Sufficiency of EvidenceEpisode #35
You're Killing Me, Kid episode cover
You're Killing Me, KidEpisode #34
There Is Only Damnation episode cover
There Is Only DamnationEpisode #33
Down With GSW episode cover
Down With GSWEpisode #32
There Will Be Hell to Pay episode cover
There Will Be Hell to PayEpisode #31
We Manage Panic Control episode cover
We Manage Panic ControlEpisode #30
I Know You're in There episode cover
I Know You're in ThereEpisode #29
Discovery episode cover
DiscoveryEpisode #28
Descent Into Darkness episode cover
Descent Into DarknessEpisode #27
Triple-Ought Buckshot episode cover
Triple-Ought BuckshotEpisode #26
Death of a Dead Man episode cover
Death of a Dead ManEpisode #25
Hidden Depths episode cover
Hidden DepthsEpisode #24
Caedus Nex Investigates episode cover
Caedus Nex InvestigatesEpisode #23
Nightmare at Nord Hemaco episode cover
Nightmare at Nord HemacoEpisode #22
Aftermath episode cover
AftermathEpisode #21
An Evening, Interrupted episode cover
An Evening, InterruptedEpisode #20
Unscheduled Delivery episode cover
Unscheduled DeliveryEpisode #19
Ticket to Ride episode cover
Ticket to RideEpisode #18
Still Life and Death episode cover
Still Life and DeathEpisode #17
First Night on the Job  episode cover
First Night on the Job Episode #16
Advanced Therapy episode cover
Advanced TherapyEpisode #15
Night Sky Fire episode cover
Night Sky FireEpisode #14
A Hot LZ episode cover
A Hot LZEpisode #13
The Rulers of Midnight episode cover
The Rulers of MidnightEpisode #12
No Man's Tune episode cover
No Man's TuneEpisode #11
Gomorrah is Not Kind episode cover
Gomorrah is Not KindEpisode #10
Death is the Final Reason episode cover
Death is the Final ReasonEpisode #9
The Damned Shall Dine episode cover
The Damned Shall DineEpisode #8
Vampire War episode cover
Vampire WarEpisode #7
Calling Card episode cover
Calling CardEpisode #6
The Reaper Calls episode cover
The Reaper CallsEpisode #5
Darker Than Shadows episode cover
Darker Than ShadowsEpisode #4
You Also Serve episode cover
You Also ServeEpisode #3
The Wicked Dead episode cover
The Wicked DeadEpisode #2
Predator and Prey episode cover
Predator and PreyEpisode #1
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