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Before you accuse us of satanically panicking, everybody knows that the rich and famous have routinely sold their souls to the devil for fortune and fame. Bending over to take it from the Lord of the Flies may have been a boon to the careers of legendary bluesman Robert Johnson, the Rolling Stones, and Jimmy Page, but here are some celebrities whom you had no idea shook hands with Lucifer to rise to the top: 

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Why is it that, much like a McDonald's cheeseburger left out on a table, Full House sitcom veteran John Stamos refuses to age? Stamos played lovable Uncle Jesse on the popular comedy show for eight years, but rumors abound that this full house was more of a hell house. Falling under the evil influence of a pair of witchcraft-obsessed twins (Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen), Stamos and his agent allegedly brokered a deal with the Devil to preserve his youthful good looks with an option on immortality based on future residuals. After discovering the dirty deed, co-star Bob Saget would blackmail Stamos in a nightclub gig-fixing scheme that lasted for decades. But this dastardly deal would have deadly consequences years later, culminating with the ritualized murder of Saget and resulting cover-up aided by college admission scandal-compromised Lori Loughlin, stoking Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey)'s fears that he may be next! 

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