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Before you accuse us of satanically panicking, everybody knows that the rich and famous have routinely sold their souls to the devil for fortune and fame. Bending over to take it from the Lord of the Flies may have been a boon to the careers of legendary bluesman Robert Johnson, the Rolling Stones, and Jimmy Page, but here are some celebrities whom you had no idea shook hands with Lucifer to rise to the top: 

Stars Who Sold Their Souls 3 panel 2

After a successful five-year run on Saturday mornings with CBS' Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Reubens was busted in 1991 for fapping at an adult movie theater, and buried under a barrage of negative press.

Reubens earned himself a long vacation from showbiz after taking a bow for a debauched MTV Music Video Awards crowd. But in 2001 the paleface took a rap for possession of obscene material involving minors in the same scandal that took

down Beetlejuice and Tim Burton fave Jeffrey Jones. Reubens walked away from the carnage largely unscathed, sentenced to just three years probation, pleading an appreciation for vintage erotica. He was able to dig himself out of a hole and get back in circulation in the 2000s with a new movie and plans for another "dark Pee-Wee" movie involving alcohol, drug addiction and electroshock therapy, in the event the real Reubens' life just isn't dark enough. How did Reubens manage to salvage his career?

Could the answer lie in a nefarious negotiation Reubens and his agent made with the Prince of Darkness? Our factcheckers say: Yes!

Rumour has it Reubens' sinister contract with the Author of All Sins was forged and signed backstage the fateful MTV Awards show. The demonic deal? Career comebacks, divine damage control and protection from prosecution and prison time that the likes of a pedo Pee-Wee is unlikely to cope with effectively. The price of the Devil's handshake:Reubens finds himself doomed to play an aging geek forevermore in such choice titles as 2027's Pee-Wee's Retirement Home Adventure and 2032's Pee-Wee's Big Hip Replacement.

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