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When I was a small boy I lived in La Habra Heights.

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The Heights were the wild hills that began just north of Whittier Boulevard. They rose hundreds of feet above the valley below.

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La Habra was a warm, friendly town, prosperous from oil wells and citrus. Whittier Boulevard was a three lane road where little fruit stands and a honey place stood among miles of orange groves and wilderness 

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In those days there were only a few houses, barns,

old structures… And old telephone poles! 

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The Lost Era Transcripts

Created by
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JW MacLean
Artist Pete Hampton, (1940-2018) was a wildly eccentric genius. He created slide shows of his paintings to tell the beautiful, and terrifying stories of his early childhood in the remote hills of Southern California. This work was re created from Pete's journals and the original paintings from 1961 through the early 1970's.
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