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The Deep Dark Hole: part five panel 1
The Deep Dark Hole: part five panel 2

I  stopped falling at this bend of the hole. There were jewels and gold bricks. A watch maker was making clocks and watches.There were loads of money, gold and jewels. Although it was shimmering, and beautiful to look at, I knew it was a curse of evil and many people had died fighting over it. Was this what it was like in hell, where all evil people went with all their riches but would never see the sunlight again? Only darkness and murky odors. Then I slipped out of the crook in the hole and fell down still deeper, like the little girl I heard about who fell down a well in Los Angeles

The Deep Dark Hole: part five panel 4

At the bottom there was still another room. Even though I was in a cave, I could see faintly the floor, walls, and windows of my bedroom. In a dream we can be in two or even three places at once.

The Deep Dark Hole: part five panel 6

Suddenly I was over at some friends of my parents in an old shed with a lot of old junk. There was a grinding and chopping sound like lawnmowers were chasing after me. I ran off and ended up in the cave again.

The Deep Dark Hole: part five panel 8
The Deep Dark Hole: part five panel 9

Some little pink lizards crawled all over. Goofy looking, friendly snakes glowed in the dark as they floated around

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The Deep Dark Hole: part five episode cover
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The Lost Era Transcripts

Created by
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JW MacLean
Artist Pete Hampton, (1940-2018) was a wildly eccentric genius. He created slide shows of his paintings to tell the beautiful, and terrifying stories of his early childhood in the remote hills of Southern California. This work was re created from Pete's journals and the original paintings from 1961 through the early 1970's.
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